How to write an adoption profile that stands out.

A good adoption profile is what speaks for you to those parents considering giving their child up for Adoption. Therefore, if you are planning to build your family through adoption, your first step should learn how to write an adoption profile that stands out better than others.

An adoption profile is a very important part of your adoption journey, so there is a need to make it unique so yours can be picked out of many other profiles. In this post, I will show you how to write an adoption profile that’s dynamic and appealing to the birth parents.

Let’s dive in.

Before I show you how to write an adoption profile that gets picked, let’s look at what an adoptive parent profile means.

What Is Adoptive Parent Profile?

This is a profile created by all the prospective adoptive parents online or in a book format, which is presented to the birth parents seeking to place their child or children for adoption. A birth parent who wants to place their child for adoption is always seeking to find the best family for their child, or children.

In order to make the right choice for their child, an adoption profile that consists of many prospective adoptive parents’ family pictures, and others information about your family is presented to them to choose from.

Your adoptive profile should be catchy and interesting enough to captivate the birth family and make them feel that you will take good care of their child or children. That being said, you need carefulness and dexterity in creating an adoption profile book or the E version. If you are not too sure how to do that, then I am here to help you.

What To Include In An Adoption Profile book

A good adoption profile is not always easy to write, but when you know what to add or leave out in your adoption profile book, then you stand the chances of being selected by the birth mom will increase and you will save time too. Also, while the details of every adoptive profile have to be unique and the profile book different, there are common things every one of them must have.

Below is the list of things to add to your profile.

  • You must talk about your interests – A good Adoptive profile must contain your interests. First, introduce yourself, and a detailed profile about yourself, and your passions. Be open about them not hiding anything. What makes you happy or sad. Try to captivate the prospective parent with every detail and example and not just the lists of all you’ll like to do.
  • Add pictures of you and your family – Before the birth family will choose you to adopt their child, they need to know you better, who you are, what you like, and what your family also looks like. Have in mind that they will read more than 25 other profiles before choosing. It is therefore pertinent that you present yourself as the best person to be chosen. Present snapshots of you and your entire family.
  • A little summary about your family and extended family.
  • How you want to care for the child – Remember to include in your profile your plans to give the child the best future. This is the first thing prospective birth mothers are looking for. So you must include that, otherwise, you won’t be chosen.
  • Don’t forget to include the description of your family tradition, lifestyle as well as family activities. Etc

Adoption Profile Picture Ideas-

As you are learning how to write an adoption profile, it is important you pay more attention to the pictures you’ll add to your profile. This is because pictures speak volumes. Pictures are obviously the most important than any other information you’ll add to that profile. Your prospective mothers may not use any other things in your profile only the pictures.

An adoptive parent, when sharing their experiences said that the more pictures you have on your profile, the better the chances you have to be picked. The reason is that images help to convey emotions and images better than words.

So make your pictures eye-catching and let them tell stories of everything about you. It must be original, clean, nightly contrast, and have a professional touch. That doesn’t mean you must use a professional photographer to do that; your friend can do that for you, but be sure your pictures are good.

Below is a checklist of what to have in mind as you take your snapshots.

  • Informal shots are more recommended than formal shots.
  • Keep it simple and positive enough.
  • Take your shots outside and not inside the house
  • Close-up shots are preferable.
  • No action shots.
  • Add your family pictures and your pets if there are any.
  • Don’t use pictures that are older than 3 years; the birth mom wants to know your current look.
  • Do not add your wedding pictures on your profile, because they may be old.

How To Write An Adoption Profile That Stands Out.

It’s time to learn how to write an adoption profile that will make your adoption process easier and more successful. Have it in your mind that certain adoption professionals may have a critical of what they want in your profile; some others may also have media professionals that will complete your design for you. You can also create your profile yourself.

In whatever ways you wish to make your adoptive parent’s profiles, be sure to follow the professional’s directives, to avoid time-wasting.

Haven’t said that, let me show you the most common, but interesting way to write your adoptive profile.

1) Don’t sound rude

To write a good adoptive profile, you’ve got to be polite in your writing. Have in your subconscious that the birth moms go through a lot as they make decisions to give their children for adoption. So don’t make them change their minds all of a sudden or feel bad reading your profile.

Choose the words that show you appreciate them for that great decision they made. However, don’t write as though they have fully made up their minds. Make them believe they are still the child’s mom. That’s what a good profile book looks like.

2) Be Very Honest-

Another important thing to learn on how to write an adoption profile is to learn how to be honest in your writing. Don’t be formal with your emotions as you write your letter, be honest, and let the prospective parents see the Genuity from your profile.

The more they sense your desire to be a parent, the better they stand to select you, so pour your heart out. Be clear, as you tell them what dreams you have as you choose to adopt a child; don’t hide anything from them

The same goes for your descriptions and pictures: please, let the birth mom see your everyday activities represented in those pictures too. All you do is present yourself to the moms as worthy adoptive parents.

3) Add Humor –

There’s no need to be too formal about the whole thing after all you are not writing a test or quiz. So find a way to inject humor into your writing; make the birth family know that in as much as you are an assuming parent, you still have time to laugh.

Add funny videos or pictures of you and your family with your pets having fun and a unique time as a family. Just make them laugh and forget their sorrows at the moment.

4) Be Succinct But Descriptive

Dear, I know you have so much to say to the prospective birth mother and no type of book can contain your feelings for the child you want to adopt; wait a minute, do you know that the intending mother has so much to read?

I want you to remember that the birth mom has other letters to read. In that case, you have to be concise and descriptive in your writing. Don’t write a novel or script for them, but be sure to include the necessary things to help you paint the picture.

Introduce yourself in the beginning, and make sure that the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd paragraphs already painted the whole picture of you, your family, and your normal lifestyle.

5) Create The Balance

The next step on how to write an adoption article is to find a balance in what you are right about. Here is what I mean: instead of giving the birth family the impression that the child you are about to adopt is your whole life, or portraying that you also have no room for the child: let your letter be balanced.

Let them know that both are important to you; you won’t want to miss the child and you won’t die if the child goes to another prospective parent.

In Conclusion –

Now that you have learned how to write an adoption profile, your next step would be to start creating it now. Although creating a profile can be stressful, have in your mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect before you will be picked by the birth parents.

Also remember that what the birth mother need is the best for the child and not just you, this will help you think deeply about what to include or remove from your profile. If you are still confused about how to write an adoption profile, you can check out these adoption profile examples and learn from them.

Thank you for reading this post on how to write an adoption profile. Please, be free to share it with your friends and family. Sharing is giving, so share.

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