What is open adoption? Learn the truth now.

What is Open Adoption?

What is Open adoption? What does it stand for? and how does Open adoption work? Is open adoption a good idea? And what are the benefits of Open adoption? These are the current questions in your mind now as a prospective adoptive parent.

The good news is that in this post, I will tell you all the truths you need to know about open adoption.

In the end, tour questions about –

  • What is Open adoption?
  • How Open adoption works.
  • Benefits of Open adoption.
  • The disadvantage of Open adoption.
  • Open adoption rules. (Will be completely answered and you will know that you be ready to begin your adoption journey.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

The first question is:

What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is the type of adoption where the parents or the birth mother and the adoptive parents share common contact, and “identifying information” with each other. That is the common definition of Open adoption

But the truth is that Open adoption means different things to different people. To many families, Open adoption means having a frequent and constant relationship with each other before and after adoption.

This may entail frequent phone calls, visits and in some cases the adoptive parents may consult the birth parents when it comes to parenting.

However, Open adoption differs mainly in the number of contacts both parties share, which also depends on what the birth parents requested as well as what the adoptive parent accepted also.

Question 2

How Does Open Adoption Work?

Open adoption is a more recent thing. Many people are not even aware of it as I’m writing this post now. Meanwhile, it is one of the commonest types of adoption now.

One big thing about Open adoption is that the birth mother decides on who adopts her baby. There is also an exchange of personal data, information, and discussions on how to have a successful adoption process.

May I also tell you that the success or failure of this type of adoption depends on the people involved in this relationship? That simply means that you and the birth mother must agree with the system before it works.

Below are few areas of concentration during an Open adoption

Both of you decides what happens during the Open adoption:-

The birth parents will decide on the level of relationship they want from you during and after the placement.

You may be required to send periodic pictures of the child, visits, calls, and messages.

You will decide if you want that type of openness in your adoption. If you do, then you can carry on, or quiet if not.

It is important you know the level of contacts you want to share with the birth parents before you start the journey.

The Childs Mother Will Select The Adoptive Family.

Birth money may have the qualities he wants on who will adopt their baby and once they find that, they will decide to begin the process.

Adoptive parents,

The Relationship Continues After.

You and the birth mother may sign an agreement to continue the relationship after the adoption. The agreement will be outlined in a post-adoption contact agreement and be given to both of you to sign.

The contact agreement will normally contain a letter update as well as pictures which you will need to send at intervals to the birth mother via Emails or text messages.

But always have in mind that different birth parents have different contact expectations and it’s evolving.

What Is Open Adoption Agreement?

This is a formal agreement signed between the birth mother and the adoptive parents before the adoption (post-adoption agreement), which specifies the boundaries and the expectations of the birth mother and adoptive parents regarding the adoption.

The adoption agreement is a complete guide that shows how and how much the birth mother, birth child as well as a birth mother will be in contact, even after the adoption had taken place.

The said agreement is normally designed by both the adoptive parents and the birth family together and then finally written by a licensed adoption agency. This contract takes effect immediately after the adoption and lasts until the adoptee turns 18 years. Then the grown adoptee can decide for him or herself what he or she wants regarding the contacts.

Note that this agreement saves so many stresses that would have come in the future between the two parties because the birth family and the adoptive family designed it to suit them. Even the agencies prefer it too. It also varies from state to state.

Benefits of Open adoption.

“Peace Of Mind For The Birth Parents”:-

A family can give up their child for adoption for many reasons. Meanwhile, they are not so happy afterward for giving up the child, or for not being able to take care of their child.

Open adoption however allows them to be involved with the growing up of their child even when they have been adopted. Choosing a good adoptive family for their child gives them some levels of control over the process.

After the proper adoption has taken place, the birth parents and adoptive parents will schedule visits, send pictures, and calls, which aids the child’s parents to overcome the grief that follows their separation from the child.

Keeping And Maintaining A Relationships:-

Open adoption allows the birth parents and the child to maintain some levels of contact. in as much as all adoptions are not created the same, yet the contact allows the adoptee’s parents to continue to maintain relationship with the child as he/she grows even after the placement.

This system does not only benefit the child, but it also makes things easier for the birth family to be able to know that their child is okay and well taken care of while growing up.

It is not that easy for any parent to share their child or children with another person, but that’s simply because of pride. However, open adoption provides a balance between the two situations.

What is Open Adoption?

Many Parents Will Choose Adoption Because It Is Open:

Because of the relationship that exists between the birth parents and adoptive family in an open adoption, more expectant parents choose adoption. This will make more children available for adoption and reduce the waiting time.

Adoptive Parents Know Everything About The Child Before Adoption:-

For the intending adoptive parents, this relationship that exists between them and the child’s parents helps them obtain every information about the child. This may include the child’s medical history and the characters of the birth parents.

The adoptive parents feel more prepared for adoption after seeing the birth parents than parents who didn’t.

The Adoptee Will Know His/her Background:-

With open adoption, the adoptee would not need to search for their biological parents later in life, because they retain contact with their birth parents. The child finds it easy to ask questions about their identity and root

Knowing the parents allows the child to better understand their adoption story and allows him/ her to ask questions of their choice.

Disadvantages Of Open Adoption:-

Everything that has advantages also has its disadvantages; marriage is not an exception. You just read the advantages of open adoption, below are the disadvantages too.

You’ll be able to compare what is best for you. Read about it below.

Reduce the child’s ability to adapt to the new family; this is due to the continuous relationship between the birth family and the child. The adoptee will not find it easy to adapt and assimilate into the new family.

When there is a little disconnect in the future, for any reason, the adopted baby may feel rejected by the parents.

The adoptive parents will sometimes feel pressured when they find out that the birth parents expected some extra supports from them.

There could be a disappointment to the adoptive family by the birth parents if they didn’t meet their expectations.

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of open adoption. You have To compare both of them before choosing whether to go ahead or not.

Final Thought:

Your questions about ” what is an open adoption have been answered in this post. You will need to go through the post carefully to find out for yourself what open adoption is and what it is not.

Check the advantages and the disadvantages also before you start your adoption journey. Also, have in mind that you will need a good adoption agency to help you get the best out of your adoption process.

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