Here’s how to adopt a baby from California faster.

how to adopt a baby from California

In this post, I will show you how to adopt a baby from California faster. If you are planning to adopt a child from California, you may be wondering how to begin your journey.

Adoption can be such a wonderful thing if you know how to go about it; if you are ignorant about it, then you may want to quit along the way when everything becomes tedious.

I have good news for you. I will show you all you need to know about adopting a baby from California without a hitch.

At the end of this post, you would have learned-

If you are ready, let’s dive in:

What does it take to adopt from California?

Before you decide to adopt a child from California, you must consider your age.

How To Adopt A Baby From California Fast.

1) Step One, Consider Your Age.

When it comes to adopting from California, there are no age limits. However, the state requires that you must be at least ten years older than the child you wish to adopt.

Meanwhile, if you are adopting as step-parents, first cousins, uncles, aunty, or siblings, you are exempted from that age limit. And if you are adopting as a married couple, you are expected to adopt jointly with your partner.

How To Adopt A Baby From California Fast Step Two.

2) Find Out What Type Of Adoption Available For You.

There are different types of adoption you can choose from when adopting from California. See them below.

International Adoption:-

This is when you decide to adopt a baby from another country. International adoption required more effort than local adoption because you will need to travel to the child’s country several times before the adoption process is completed.

But if you will endure the pains of traveling to another country as well as spending a large sum of your money on translations and other expenses, then go ahead. If not, consider the domestic type of adoption.

Domestic Adoption:-

This is for parents who want to adopt a child locally. it is one of the commonest types of adoption in California. This day, more parents prefer “open domestic adoption” because they still keep in contact with the child even though they have been adopted.

This helps the child to have good experiences as he or she grows in the adoptive parent’s house.

Second Parents Adoption:

This type of adoption is common when married couples adopt their relatives, partners child, or adopt a child even when the parent still retains the child’s legal rights.

Step-Parent’s Adoption:-

If you want to adopt your stepchild, then the best type of adoption for you is step-parent adoption. You will need a defined consent from the child’s parent to do this, or you will prove to the court that the biological parents are not fit to be the child’s parents.

This can only be possible if the child is been abused or neglect. However, in most cases, the step-parents who are close to their stepchildren may wish to adopt them as their children.

Placing a baby, eligible for adoption

The most common popular type of adoption is independent adoption (also known as private or open adoption ).

This is the type of adoption where the adoptive parents and the birth parents agreed that the adoption should hold without an adoption agency.

Here the birth parents deal directly with the adoptive parents. The birth parents give the baby to you because they trust you to take care of their child. Most times, a biological parent will hand the baby over to the adoptive parent at the hospital immediately after the child is born.

After that, the mum will still decide whether they still want to have contact with the child after the adoption or not. The adoption procedure takes about 6 months to be completed.

How To Adopt A Baby From California Fast Step Three

Starting Independent Adoption:-

Once you find the birth parents who wish to give you their baby for adoption. You should try and arrange for an ASP ( Adoption Service Provider) to meet with the child’s birth parents.

The adoption service provider will immediately meet with the birth parents to begin the process. He will go over the adoption form procedure and options at once.

Immediately the child is placed with the adoption after meeting the ASP, both the birth parent will sign the placement agreement.

That takes us to the next step.

How To Adopt A Baby From California Fast Step Five:

What Is Adoption Placement Agreement:

This is the agreement that gives the birth family the power to change their mind and take possession of their baby even after 30 days the agreement was signed. The adoptive parents will not hesitate to hand the child back to the parents when they change their minds.

However, after 31 days, the adoption placement agreement is signed, the birth parents can’t cancel the agreement anymore.

Within 30 days, the birth parents may sign a waiver to give up their complete right to claim the child. The birth parents will have to call the State Department of social services to organize a meeting with the social worker if they wish to go on with it.

how to adopt a baby from California

What To Do After Signing The Placement Agreement:

your next step after signing the placement agreement is to file a petition for adoption at the Superior Court of the country you live in. The adoption petition form can be purchased at any bookshop or search google for more information.

When you get the form, go ahead and fill it and submit it to the superior court. The clerk will request that you pay a filing fee; then send all the signed copies of the petition to the Department of Social Services.

How To Adopt A Baby From California Fast, Step Six.

The Adoption Homestudy Begins:-

This is your next step into adopting a child from California. At this point, the social worker will come to your home for investigation. This social worker will visit your home at least twice to conduct a home assessment.

This includes:-

  • The social worker visiting your home at least 2 times to meet you and your child.
  • To Confirm your marital status.
  • Getting a letter from your doctor showing that you don’t have any life-threatening sickness.
  • Verification of your income and employment status
  • Letter of references from 3 people who know you.
  • Your criminal records.

After the home study, you’ll wait for about 6 months to get the final report from the social worker. The social worker will email a copy of the report to you. File the received report with the court and then request that the “probate calendar” clerk tells you the date for the hearing and the final adoption process.

Be sure to complete the forms that will be given to you and return them to the clerk 10 days before the hearing.

How To Adopt A Baby From California Fast. Step Seven.

Getting Ready For The Hearing:-

After the hearing, visit the probate department to file your papers. You will sign some papers and send them to the social worker that did the home study for record purposes.

Adoption Agencies In California:-

As an adoptive parent, you may be wondering what it is like to work with an adoption agency located in California. What are their services and what can they help you achieve?

This section is to guide you on how to locate a good adoption agency that will make your adoption journey smooth and easy.

let’s dive in.

The adoption agencies in California are the licensed professionals who assist adoptive parents to grow their families and birth parents to place their babies for adoption.

Adoption agencies are knowledgeable about adoption and its processes hence they make things easier for you.

Types Of Adoption Agencies In California.

There are precisely 3 different types of adoption agencies in California to work with. To know which of the agencies will suit your goals read this section carefully.

Private Adoption Agency:-

One of the best ways to adopt a toddler or an infant is through a private adoption agency. The birth mother who works with the private adoption agencies in California is in charge of their adoption plans and they will place their child for adoption voluntarily to the agency.

The birth mother can decide every aspect of this adoption from beginning to the end.

The adoptive parents can decide to work with either the local domestic adoption agency in California or the national adoption agency.

Working with the National adoption agency gives you a wide range of choices of adoption services. The local California adoption agencies also offer similar services as the national agencies, but not all. The difference is that the local adoption agency can only work in a particular region.

However, you must try to look out for the advantages and the disadvantages before making your choices.

Foster care Agency:-

Foster care is another good infant adoption alternative for the adoption. As an adoptive parent, it is another way of building your family in California.

In as much as adopting from foster care can sometimes be daunting, but it is still worth the wait. Below are a few places to learn more about foster care adoption.

International Adoption:-

If you are adopting locally from California, this is not an option for you. Meanwhile, if you want to adopt from another country, the International adoption agency will be of great help to you, because they know more about the adoption laws of different countries. You can contact any of the International agencies below for more information.

How To Locate Adoption Agency Near Me.

The best way to locate an adoption agency near you is by asking people around you. There are people in your area who has adopted before you; fine them and ask them to refer you to a good adoption agency around. You can as well search on Google to know if there is any agency around you. I wish you success as you search.

The Average Cost Of Adopting From California

The cost of adoption services can differ greatly depending on the options you choose. If you are going through an agency, whether an International or domestic agency, the cost can be more than $30,000 from start to finish.

Private adoption can also cost close to $8,000 on some occasions. This cost may cover both your adoption attorney fees, licensing, and every other expenses in between.

An adopted child, child adoption.

Below are some other costs you may incur.

  • $500 to pay before submitting your favorable report to the court.
  • $300, Cost for fingerprint, court filing, medical examination.Etc.
  • $4,500, for independent adoption petition investigation.

Adopting from a foster care home is different and it can cost you little or nothing to adopt from there.

You may even receive some stipend to take care of a child in foster care. The foster parents receive a monthly stipend for each child based on age.

The stipends are meant to repay the foster parents for taking care of the child. Foster adoptive parents also receive another $75 for attending monthly training meetings.

Any family who wants to adopt a foster child Is eligible for $13,570 federal taxable credit once. You can consult your tax professional for further information.

Anything about the children’s medical and dental is taken care of by the medical and every child gets therapy any time they need it.

Let me also inform you that the California Department Of Social Services often gives a none recording assistance of $400 to the families who are eligible for adoption assistance.

This program is to reimburse the families for any expenses incurred during adoption processes.

My Final Words:-

I hope I have been able to show you how to adopt a baby from California. Your next step should be to take action towards your goals. It may be hectic in the beginning, but you will be happy at last when you carry your child home.

I wish you good luck as you start your adoption journey today.

See you at the top.

I am your in-house adoption adviser.


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