10 authentic reasons why adoption is important to you.

reasons why adoption is important

Why is adoption important to you? Why are you planning to adopt that child? If you are looking to grow your family through adoption, then these are the common question in your mind now.

In this article, we will be looking at why adoption is important and why should or should not indulge in adoption at all.

However, to make things easier for you, we will begin from scratch to learn what adoption is all about.

At the end of this, you would be completely armed with all you need to know about this great decision.

Let’s dive in

What Is Adoption?

Before we go ahead to learn the importance of adoption, let’s take a look at what adoption is and what it is not.

Adoption is simply the act of taking someone else child legally into your own home as your own child. The adopted child becomes your legal child once your adoption processes are over and you have the same rights the birth parents had on the child too.

Isn’t that a wonderful experience?

Anyone can adopt a baby, whether you have your children or not. It is just a way of building your home, as well as helping some less privileged children to find love. Single, and any adult is eligible to adopt.

Stepparents are also eligible to adopt the child of their spouse. Etc.

Below are the importance of adoption.

10 authentic reasons why adoption is important to you.

1) Adoption Is Good When You Can’t Have A Baby:

One of the reasons you should consider adoption is to build your family. Probably you have tried to have your children for a long time and they are not coming forth.

It may be because of Infertility, or other medical reasons. Meanwhile, for whatever reason it is, you have the option to adopt and start building you

I understand you when you said that you don’t like adoption, you prefer to have your own baby. Everyone wants that too. But if the doctor has Certified that you can’t have a child, then adoption is the alternative.

Adoption is not a cure for infertility, but a good family-building method that works. Many people have taken that option and they are happy with that decision.

There are different types of adoption to choose from. They are-

  • Open adoption.
  • Close adoption
  • International adoption
  • And local.

Whichever type you prefer, then look for any adoption agency to give you guidelines, so you’ll have a good adoption process.

2) A Personal Health Challenge:

You may not be a victim of infertility, but other issues won’t allow you to have children. That could be a good reason to adopt a baby. For example, some women have their wombs damaged, or for other health reasons, the doctors asked them not to try getting pregnant. Then consider adoption.

Birth father, adoption adopt adoption placements.

Here are other reasons you can’t get pregnant.

  • Your spouse may have a low sperm count: Low sperm count can make pregnancy impossible in a marriage because there is a certain amount of sperm cells that are needed for conception.
  • No ovulation: when you are not ovulating, you can’t get pregnant. This is the cause of infertility for at least 40% of women around the world.
  • Other Sicknesses: Infertility can also be caused by other sicknesses like Diabetes, serious injuries due to accidents, prostate, etc.

3) Willingness To Give A Child A Future:

Adoption is a way of giving hope to orphans and the homeless and there are thousands of them in Africa and all over the world. Most of them are living below the poverty level.

When you adopt a child, you are only helping to give a future to either of those children. Therefore whether you are adopting locally or internationally, you have children or not, you are giving hope to them

4) You Want To Remain A Single Parent:

A single parent is someone who wants to have a family without getting married. There is an opportunity for single parents to adopt, especially when they don’t wish to go through fertility treatment.

Some people remain single for many reasons- maybe they want to marry but have not read yet, they are divorced and don’t want to remarry. No matter the reason they remain unmarried, they want to have a child to love and call their own.

Adoption allows single parents to have a child or children to love and call their own. So if you are a single parent adoption is good for you.

5) You Want To Fulfil Your Dreams Of Raising A Baby.

You may have a dream of raising a baby In your life. Adoption gives you that opportunity to do so. The moment you adopt a child, all your childhood dreams of being a parent someday becomes a reality.

While you were a child you played with your doll as you would with a baby. You shouted at it and talked to it as though you are talking to a real baby. Those were dreams.

Now you are grown, and the only opportunity you have to make your dreams a reality is by adopting a baby. So why wait to adopt?

6) Opportunities To The Adopted.

Adoption gives the adopted child so many opportunities which they normally wouldn’t have gotten from their parents. Most of the children that are placed for adoption are either orphans or from a poor background.

Because of that, they were denied the opportunity of enjoying most things that life can offer- like good education, good food on their table, and love. Adopting them into your family gives them those opportunities.

Now the they go to school, have a roof over their heads and, at least enjoy that parental love they have longed for.

why adoption is important

7) Building Relationships.

One of the things adoption brings to you is the opportunity to build new relationships with people. You have the opportunity to relate with the birth parents of the child.

If you are doing an open adoption, then you have the chance to share contacts with the parents of the child to some extent.

The moment you take the child home, he or she becomes part of your family, and the parents become one of your family members too.

The good thing is that you have added the child’s birth parents to your contact list and you can call or chat with them anytime.

8) Gay Couples Starting Their Family:

The other people that benefit from adopting a child are the gay couple. These people can’t and will never have their children because of some circumstances. In that case, they only have one option and that is to adopt a baby.

This option is strictly for the ones who crave to raise children. To those gay couples who are not interested in building a family, they never think of adoption.

9) Helping A Pregnant Women To Pursue Her Other Dream;

Sometimes, people get pregnant without planning for it. When pregnancy happens suddenly, the birth parent who has other dreams to pursue may consider giving their child or children for adoption.

The prospective adoptive parents may want just to render the help of taking care of the child to allow the parents to continue with their dream. This becomes a win-win to both the birth parents and the adopter because while the parent continues with their dreams, the adoptive parent now have the baby they always wanted.

10) Agreement To Help A Family Or Friend Who Can’t Raise Their Children:

There are some friends or family members who may have a large family without means of raising them. They may be living below the poverty line and the children are just not gaining anything from them.

The couple may be wishing for someone to help them in that respect. Someone in the family or a friend can accept to help in that aspect. They can offer to adopt the child or children as a help to the parent. At least the child can have the opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible if they were still with the parents.

11) You Want To Adopt Because Your Friend Did And It Was Good To Them.

You may have known some friends or relatives who adopted in the past and didn’t regret their actions; in fact, they have many positive results to show for it. Because of that, you are also considering to adopt to.

That is a good idea because you are not only giving someone hope to live but also building your home.

12) You Were Adopted And You Want To Do The Same;

This is common to adopted children. They suffered while they were at the orphanage or with their birth parents. This is why they want to save people from that type of life.

They want to allow other children to enjoy the same type of life they enjoyed in their adopted home.

In Conclusion:

Adoption is good and so many people have benefited from that. If you wish to adopt soon or later, read this post carefully and learn the benefits before taking the necessary steps.

I am your in house adoption adviser.


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