Adoption overview: Have a stress free adoption now.

Adoption overview

So you have finally made up your mind to adopt a baby? Congratulation. Now here is the adoption overview.

Adoption processes can be overwhelming to you if you are not so versatile with them or when nobody is guiding you. But I am here to show you what adoption is and how to go about it.

The truth is that many children out there need safe and good people to call their parents, but you have to know how to about it.

Simply put, there is no straightforward part to adoption. However, after reading this article, you will be equipped for your adoption journey.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

What Is Adoption?

Wikipedia described adoption as the “process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, from that person’s biological or legal parent or parents.”

Some parents have battled infertility for so long and probably have lost all hopes to have children again. these parents usually resolved to adopt a child into their family.

Even couples that had their children can still adopt a child or children as their own. Meanwhile, whether you already have your children, or not, adoption processes are not easy.

So if you are planning to adopt a baby into your home, you must pay close attention to what I want to share with you in this post titled adoption overview.

Reasons For Adoption:

There are many reasons why people adopt or even put their children up for adoption.

Here they are

Avoiding Pregnancy Complications Or Infidelity:

Like I said earlier if you have suffered infertility for many years and children are not coming forth, that may be a good reason for you to adopt. Especially when the Dr has said that having is impossible for you.

According to marriage experts, many couples can not have children because they are infertile. The result of the investigation conducted by the CDC shows that “9% of men and 11% of women of childbearing age have difficulty in conceiving a baby.”

If you fall among this group, then that’s why you are considering adoption in the first place.

Do you have complications during pregnancy? If you do, the Dr may tell you to adopt a child instead of risking your life. Secondly, several medical issues can hinder you from carrying a baby to terms.

Your alternative is to adopt a child and love them as you would love your child.

You Want To Help A Family Member Who Can’t Raise Their Children:

Processes, birth parents, adoptive parents

Another reason for adoption is to help a friend, neighbor, or family member who couldn’t raise their children. In this case, you only want to help out in giving the child a better life.

There are some cases where birth mothers who can’t raise their children will give up their children for adoption ( this is called identified or independent adoption) in that case the foster care worker will want to place the child for adoption to their relatives.

Many people don’t like this type of adoption because it poses a great disadvantage in the future.

Giving A Child a Family:

Many people adopt because they have a love for children and want to provide a loving home for them.

If you are the one I described above, then you know that all your heartbeat is just to help a child experience love. You may have your children but that wouldn’t prevent you from adopting a child.

Other Health Issues:

People also adopt because of certain health issues that are not related to infertility- like heart disease, diabetes, or epilepsy. The Dr will advise anyone with such health issues to avoid sex or conception. If that happens, adoption becomes the alternative.

When There is An Agreement To Adopt:

Probably everyone in your family wants to have a new child in the family – you, your spouse, and your children agree on this; then you are ready to adopt. If one or more members of your family disagree with that, then it is not the best time to do so.

Take time and get their consent. It wouldn’t be good to destroy your family because of your decision or bring your adoptive baby into a hostile environment.

Adoption overview: all you need to know about adoption.

Types Of Adoption:

In this section, we will be looking at the different types of adoption. In the end, you’ll be able to know which one is best for you.

Foster Care Adoption:

This is the type of adoption where the adoptive parent adopts a child from foster care. This child’s parent has lost the right of being the baby birth parents to the court for some reason.

Children who are abuse, neglected, or maltreated by their parents are taken to foster care, and immediately their parent’s parental rights are terminated, they automatically become available for adoption.

This child may be adopted by another adoptive parent or foster parent. In as much as some states require one to be a foster parent to adopt from a foster care, others don’t.

That means you can adopt just as adoptive parents. Adopting a child from foster care does not cost much sometimes; this is because it is often funded by some states and with little or no fee at all.

In some cases also, the said children are eligible for financial assistance and medical subsidies until they get to a certain age.

International Adoption:

This is the type of adoption where adoptive parents decide to adopt a child from a different country. It is also known as transnational adoption or intercountry adoption.

International adoption is not the same as transcultural or intercultural adoption, but when you choose International adoption, your family will become a transcultural family or intercultural family automatically.

International adoption is among the commonest type of adoption. The reason is that there are adoptive parents who want to extend a helping hand to poor families in developing countries.

You will face some challenges when you want to adopt internationally. For example, language barriers, the cost, and filling for the child’s citizenship.

Private Adoption:

This is a very unique type of adoption. In this type of adoption, the first thing to do is to look for a private adoption service to work with.

According to Crystal Rice, private adoption can be such an expensive type of adoption. It can cost from $20,000 up.

It is the work of the licensed adoption agency, to make sure that the adoption is safe and legal; and that the child is placed in a good family.

You may not be required to take classes before you adopt, however it is good you look for a private adoption agency that requires classes because there is so much to learn.

Adult Adoption:

Wikipedia.org described adult adoption as the type of adoption that involves two adults. This type of adoption happens because there is an intention of transferring rights, filiation, or inheritance.

Adult adoption also occurs when the adoptee is up to 18 years or more.

At that time, it is only the consent of both the adoptee and the prospective adopter that is needed to carry on with the adoption.

Here are a few other reasons for adult adoption;

  • “Birth Family.” At a time when the adoptee finds his/her family, or the birth family locates their adopt, they may want to adopt them.
  • “Foster Child“: a foster child can be adopted by the foster parent when he/she has become an adult if they love to.
  • A Step Child: A stepchild that becomes attracted to his/her step-parent may be adopted as an adult. It is possible.
  • Inheritance: Like I have said earlier if there is a need to transfer inheritance, filiation, or right to an adult, he /she may be adopted.
Adoption overview, adoption

Adoption overview: all you need to know about adoption.

Adoption Home Study.

One of the questions people about adoption is what an adoption home study means.

In this section of adoption overview, I will explain what the adoption home study means.

The adoption process can be overwhelming, and adoption home study is one of the things that contribute to it. But worry because I will show you how Togo through it.

If you follow what I will show you in this section, you will start your journey on the right track to success.

So What Is Adoption Home Study?

Home study is a must for any adoptive parents, whether you are adopting internationally, drastically, foster care, older or infant child. This home study is to ascertain everything about your life as an adoptive parent.

During the home study, your criminal background, your finances, and your relationship will be checked by the court.

This is done to know how stable your environment is for the adoptive child.

The home study is one of the lengthiest processes in the adoption: the reason is that many certificates –

  • Like your marriage license,
  • Birth certificate,
  • etc will be reviewed.

My advice to you is to start your home study as soon as possible before connecting with the child and their parents.

Adoption overview: all you need to know about adoption.

What Does Adoption Cost?

“It costs so much to adopt and I can’t afford it now.” That’s what I always hear people say.

In this section, we will look at what it costs to adopt a child.

  • Cost Of Adoption From Foster Care:-

It cost so much to adopt and I can’t afford it. That’s what I heard people say all the time.

That’s why we are looking at it in this section now.

So What Does It Cost To Adopt?

Foster Care Adoption:

Foster care adoption is one of the most affordable types of adoption. It is usually founded by the state; that means you may need to pay little or no fee to adopt from foster care.

The cost you may incur during foster care adoption will be minimal or nothing at all. In addition to that, you may get some subsidies and reimbursement too depending on the needs of the foster child.

Though foster care adoption is somehow free, there are still fee costs you must incur. They are-

  • Advertising and matching fee (this can be free if you go through the listing service).
  • Agency fee (This is not a must but if you go through an agent, then you won’t avoid it).
  • Home study fee (This is necessary).
Adoption processes, adopt a child.

International Adoption:

  • Bulgaria: $22,000 – $29,000 + travel.
  • China: $26,000 – $31,000 + travel.
  • Colombia: $22,000 – $26,000 + travel.
  • Haiti: $26,000 – $32,000 + travel.
  • India: $21,000 – $25,000 + travel.
  • Latvia: $23,000 – $30,000 + travel.
  • The Philippines: $15,000 – $20,000 + travel.
  • Poland: $20,000 – $27,000 + travel.
  • South Korea: $32,000 – $38,000 + travel.
  • Taiwan: $22,000 – $27,000 + travel.
  • Thailand: $15,000 – $20,000 + travel.
  • Ukraine: $23,000 – $32,000 + travel.
  • Uganda: $24,000 – $30,000 + travel.

These figures are not stable. They can change at any time. However, you can use them as a yardstick to know what your international adoption cost can look like.

Private Adoption:

The total cost of private adoption ranges from $30,500 to $48,500 when you choose to adopt independently, and 25,000 to $38,000 when you go through an agency.

That includes the home study fee, agency vs independent adoption fees, consulting and advertising fees, birth mother expenses, and legal fees.

Adult Adoption costs.

According to an adoption expert, adopting an adult is pretty easy and costs around $100, and you can get a layer to help you at a $1,500 fee.

Also, adopting an inheritance adult is among the costliest adult adoption and the fees can go up at any time.

In Conclusion:

I hope you can grasp some good points from this adoption overview. By now you have known what adoption really is. The types of adoption and the costs, so decide which to go with.

I am wishing you a smooth adoption journey. Remain blessed.

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