11 Authentic ways for adopting a baby girl from China.

adopting a baby girl from China

One of the common questions I get from my reader is about adopting a baby girl from China.

But in this post, I will explain everything you need to know about adopting a baby girl from China. In the end, you’ll be able to adopt the baby of your choice from China without stress.

The truth is that adopting a baby girl from China can be too tasking, especially when you are adopting from a foreign country. However, if you know how to go about it, you will not have much stress, and it will be a rewarding experience for you and your family.

If you have finally made up your mind about adopting a baby girl from China, then read this post carefully.

First, I want you to understand that adopting a baby girl from China is not so different from adopting any baby at all from the same place: so you are not going to be seeing it as a suicide mission.

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Ways For Adopting A Baby Girl From China.

What To Know About China And Adoption:

China is the number one world highest populated country. And according to history, China has a vast territory that is richly endowed with many natural resources.

The China International adoption program began in the year 1991 and it has since then become the most trusted and highly sought International adoption program.

China has become one of the best adoption grounds for many Americans, and more than 66,000 China orphans have been adopted into American as of 2008. This is because the China adoption program is easier and provide predictable, stable, and corrupt-free adoption processes.

The overall China adoption is governed by a body known as China Center for Children’s welfare ( CCCWA).

The job of the CCCWA, is to makes sure that children receive necessary care in the welfare homes even as they provide adoptive parents with a stable adoption process.

Applying For adopting a baby girl from China.

in this section, I will take you on a ride on how to apply for adopting your dream child from China. Just fasten your seat belt as we go.

Now before you apply to adopt a baby from the people’s Republic of China, you must understand that it will take you a little bit longer as you must first get approval from the PRC (People’s Republic of China).

Meanwhile, all your application for adopting a baby girl from China must be made through an agency accredited by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MSF).

Also, note that there are certain criteria you must meet to be eligible to adopt from PRC. These are the set down requirements from the China Center for Children’s welfare ( CCCWA).

Check them below –

adopting a baby girl from China.
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Step One:

1) You Must Meet The CCCWA Requirements.

  1. Marital Status: You are expected to be married with a stable marital relationship, and you must not have more than two failed marriages. And your current marriage must have been up to 5 years.
  2. Age– To adopt from China, you and your spouse must be between the ages of 30 – 49. Single and couples are between the ages of 30 – 35 are also qualified from China’s waiting child program. And the older couples may be considered on a “case by case basis.”
  3. Finance– You must have a stable financial status. At least your annual income per head must be $10,000 ( the overall annual income divided by the members of the household including the adopted baby).
  4. Health– You must be physically and mentally sound.
  5. Family size– your children should not be more than 5.
  6. Criminal Records – you are not expected to have any bad records.
  7. Qualification – at least you must have a senior high school (GCE A level) alternatively, vocational skills training.
  8. Preference letters and Training- you and your partner must undergo 12 hours of training with the accredited agency.
  9. You will also provide 3 reference letters from your adult children of at least 18 years and above or from your children’s teacher.

Adopting a Baby Girl From China Steps Two.

Pre Adoption Briefing Participation:

Before adopting a baby girl from China, you must be ready to attend the pre-adoption briefing. This is compulsory and you must attend it before beginning the adoption process.

After the briefings, you will be able to identify the child you wish to Adopt and then apply for the home study with the court.

The pre-adoption briefing (PAB) is conducted by an accredited agency chosen by the Ministry of Civil Affairs ( MSF). This briefing is available in 3 languages and it’s valid for 3 years.

The reasons for the briefings are –

  • To know about the adoption process and also to know if you are eligible for the adoption.
  • To know what rights and responsibilities you have as an adoptive parent.
  • You’ll be able to understand what your adopted child’s needs are, and also find out where and how to get support as an adopting couple.
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To register for Post Adoption Briefing, visit here

Attend a disclosure workshop where you can learn more about your prospective child. There, you will learn why your adopted child must know about their status as well as how you can go about the subject.

Step Three: Post-adoptionProccess.

Choose The Adoption Agency To Handle The Adoption For.

The first thing you must know is that you are required to choose an adoption agency to handle the adoption for you. You cannot apply directly to the CCCWA unless you go through an adoption agency.

Your chosen agency must be one of the approved accredited agencies known to the MSF.

There are about four agencies accredited by MSF to conduct the adoption home study for you.

  • Touch Community Services Limited. www.tcs.org.sg.
  • Lulleran Community Care Services. www.lccs.org.sg
  • Fri Community Services. www.fycs.org
  • Apkim Center For Social Services (ACCSS). www.apkim.org.

To be on the safe side, make sure you read all the materials provided by the agency carefully. Take note of the fees charged, if there’s anything you don’t understand, see any attorney who specializes in international adoption to check them for you.

Step 4

Completing All Your Adoption Information.

Note that each adoption agency has their application form for you to fill out if you want them to work with you. While filling the documents, you are required to provide necessary information about your identity, which includes your citizenship, education levels, medical history, criminal records, family life and employment.

Also, note that it may take several hours to fill out this information. But read them carefully before filling in so you will have the idea of what information is requires of you.

secondly, you may also be asked to include information about the sex and type of children you want to do adopt. Eg. Do you want a boy or girl? Or child with special need.

Step 5

Apply For Home Study Reports.

Your adoption agency will give you a caseworker to help you complete your home study.

The home study report is the result of the complete investigation on why you want to adopt a baby, your family members: and to know whether you and your partner are eligible to adopt.

The study is required when you are adopting from MSF fostering scheme or adopting a foreign-born child.

Your Home study must be prepared before looking for a baby to take home and it normally lasts for 3 months

The normal cost for AHS is set at $1750. You can get the full details from your accredited agent working with you.

During the AHS, you will be interviewed by the social worker. So expect the social worker to visit your home several times during this times.

adopting a baby girl from China.
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Step 6

How To Apply To China Center For Children’s Welfare And Adoption (CCCWA).

The moment your Home Study is completed, the agency will take the required documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authentication. After authentication, the agency will then submit the application with the home study report and other documents to the CCCWA on your behalf.

You will also be required to pay son fees for translations and other administrative works.

Step Seven.

Get Ready To Travel To China.

Congratulations! You are almost ready to adopt a baby girl from China. You only need to sign the acceptance letter which the agency will submit to the CCWA. The CCWA will then issue you a ” Notice of traveling to China for adoption.

With that document, you can travel to China to take your adopted child home.

In Conclusion:

Let me congratulate you again because you are getting to the end of your adoption journey. At this level, all you need to do is to get your visa ready to travel to China.

Just look up to your agency and make sure you didn’t miss anything before traveling to get your baby home.

I am your in house adoption adviser.

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