How to go about adoption: 5 proper steps now.

If you are preparing to adopt a baby soon, you must get yourself acquainted with how to go about adoption before you take the first step. You must know the type of adoption you want to do, what adoption agency you want to use, and then you must know whether you want International adoption, domestic adoption, or foster care adoption.

In this post, I will show you everything you need to know about adoption and how it works. You will learn the proper steps to take from the beginning of your adoption journey to the end and you will learn how to take your baby home in much less time and stress.

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How to go about adoption: 5 proper steps now.

1) Conduct A Search

Now that you have made up your mind to adopt a child, you must take time to search about the topic. Get yourself acquainted with anything related to adoption. Read books, search YouTube for practical training, network with other people that know or have gone through the processes before and join local support groups if necessary.

You ain’t is to understand how to go about adoption without stress, so do whatever you should to achieve that. To help you achieve your aim fast, here are a few questions you should answer for yourself

  • How do I start adoption processes?
  • What type of adoption do I want? International adoption, adoption, or intercultural.
  • Which adoption agency should I use and how do I locate the best adoption agency to work with?
  • Do you want to adopt a newborn baby, adult, or a much older person?
  • Would you want to adopt a child from a different race?
  • How much does adoption cost, and do I have enough to cover all adoptions costs?

Frankly speaking, the way you answer these questions will determine how ready you are to adopt and how you are acquainted with how to go about adoption. However, to help speed up your research about adoption, here are a few resources to visit for more knowledge. Here, you will learn everything about how to be eligible to adopt a baby, how to donate an embryo, how to donate sperm and so much more. This is also a good place to visit when you are researching about adoption. Read about adoption, adoption process made easy and how to locate a qualified adoption agent.

2) Decide And Locate Which Adoption Experts/ Agency Work With

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It is the duty of the adoption agencies and the adoption attorney to help the adoptive couples prepare the paperwork and also to fulfill all the required legal actions like the adoption home study.

Home Study means a time of evaluating your home life as well as your background by the social worker to determine how comfortable your family life will be to the adopted child.

The adoption agency will help you achieve that. There are not many differences between the adoption agencies and the attorney, the only difference is just how they find their birth parents/mothers.

This is easy for them because any pregnant mother who has an interest in placing her child for adoption will, first of all, meet the agencies, but the attorneys will have to place adverts and network with others to find a birth.

The agencies have the right to handle all the international adoption, and you can choose between a private agency or a public agency to suit whatever type of adoption you choose; just understand that each of them has its pros and cons. So go ahead and do some research to get better knowledge.

Call any of the agencies and pay a visit to them if necessary and ask them questions about their previous works. Remember you are looking for the Best adoption agency and adoption attorney.

3) It’s Time To Complete The Home Study And Other Applications

One of the things to learn when you are looking to how to go about adoption is to know what is required during an adoption home study. Your first step here should be to contact the agency.

After contacting them, you may be invited to attend an orientation sponsored by the agency. There, the agency will show you and other applicants about the agencies procedures and the number of available children and then you’ll be given a form to fill.

The agency will go through your form after filling it, to know if you are eligible for the adoption: if you are, then expect to pay your adoption registration fee from this point

The next thing to do afterward is to undergo some pre-placement inquiry session which is also known as home study. The family assessment or home study is required by the state to know how qualified you are to adopt. During the home study, the physical and the emotional state of your environment is also assessed to know how good it is for the baby.

Be ready to undergo a series of interviews with the social worker at this period. The social will also help you to think twice regarding the steps you wish to take, to know if you are ready physically and emotionally.

4) It’s Time To Wait:

The waiting time during adoption can never be avoided, so when you are learning how to go about adoption successfully, but the time for waiting into your plans. However, I want you to note that the waiting time frame can depend on so many factors, including your age, state requirements, and family structure

If you are planning to adopt internationally, then you should expect to wait for less than 2 years, meanwhile, if you are adopting locally, you may wait for 3 months or 3 years before you’ll be chosen by the birth mother. This is the reason many people prefers International adoption to local or domestic adoption,

With reference to the published by adoption experts, the number of international adoption grew from six Thousand five hundred (6,500) to 20,000 in 2021 alone, and it is expected to keep rising.

5) Time To Complete the Legal Procedures.

After you have taken your adopted child home, it is time to fulfill all the legal requirements. You may need to hire an adoption attorney at this point if you have made up your mind to choose an agency.

Normally, the adopted child will be allowed to live with you for about 6 to 7 seven months even before the legal part of adoption is finalized. During this period, the adoption agency working with you will provide you with some supportive services.

To be sure that the child in your custody is properly taken care of, the adoption social worker will have to visit your home several times and then write the court report of his/her findings.

After that, the next procedure is for the agency to submit a written report that shows that you are either qualified or not qualified to adopt to the court, then you and your attorney will follow up with the court to complete the adoption.

Note that all these vary according to state law. If it is international adoption, the finalization will only be done when you know the type of visa the child is having as well as the law in his or her state.

Finally, you must be ready to accomplish the US Naturalization Service’s and immigration requirements, before you proceed to neutralize your child to become a citizen of the United States of America.

6) Getting Your Home Ready For The Adopted Kid.

The last thing to learn on how to go about adoption is to learn how to get your home ready for the adopted baby. You don’t have to break a bank because you are preparing for your new child, but you must be sure to get the child’s basic needs ready. For example

  • Prepare to love the child unconditionally.
  • Shelter
  • Food.
  • Fun activities.
  • Medical care.
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Books and so on.

You can also have a separate room for the baby. Also, depending on the age of the baby you adopted, there may be a need to get other things like diapers, feeding bottles, wipes, etc. The most important of all is to provide the child’s emotional needs.

Just be ready to be the best parent to the child, because now he /she has seized to be an adopted child, but your child.


I have already shown you how to go about adoption without much stress. In case you didn’t get it right, here is the recard of all I thought you in this post about how to go about adoption.

  • Investigate and research about Adoption as this will help you to know if you are fully ready for the life-changing experience. After that, you Should locate and contact the agency that will help you throughout your yoúr adoption journey: at this point, you have to be extremely careful not to make mistakes in your choice of agency, it will make the journey double for you.
  • Complete your home study and other legal documentation and start preparing to take your child home. Before taking the child home, make sure you have put everything in place for the baby’s comfort.

I hope you have learned so much here. The rest is left for you to do. The result is in the doing, so take your steps now and I will see you at the top.

I am still your in-house counselor. Murphyaik.

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