Pros and cons of closed adoption to note now.

Pros and cons of closed adoption

Before you finally step out to adopt that child of your dream, you would have decided whether or not you prefer closed adoption, open adoption, or semi-closed adoption. If you choose a closed adoption, it is very important you know the pros and cons of closed adoption before you begin your journey. And vise versa. It is also important you take note of the closed adoption cost before anything.

You must note that there are great differences between the three types of adoption because that will determine to a great extent the success or failure of your adoption processes.

in the early days of adoption, the most widely accepted type of adoption, nowadays many people do not accept it again, and yet a lot more others won’t go for any other type of adoption if not closed adoption.

The question is what are the differences between closed adoption, open adoption, and semi-open adoption? Don’t because, in this article, I will show you the pros and cons of closed adoption and what type of adoption is best for you.

Let’s do this.

Before we consider the pros and cons of closed adoption, let us clarify what closed adoption is and what it is not.

What is Closed Adoption?

Advantages and disadvantages of adoption.

This is the type of adoption where the birth mother or the birth family chooses not to share any type of contact with the adoptive parents or family after the adoption. Unlike open adoption, once this type of adoption is completed, the child’s mother won’t have any way of either contacting the adoptive parents or the adoptee.

Until today, many birth mums still prefer closed adoption to open adoption, because of its uniqueness. The birth mother who wants to pursue her other life’s dream will always choose this type of adoption, and the adoptive parents who need total privacy after adoption prefer it as well.

In whichever category you belong to, below are the pros and cons of closed adoption you must note today.

Pros And Cons Of Closed Adoption To Note Now.

Pros Of Closed adoption For The Birth Mom

  • Privacy: Closed adoption is the best for the birth mother who feels vulnerable and threatened after deciding to place her baby for adoption. Closed adoption will save her or the birth parents from that unusual feelings.
  • Free At Last: This is for the birth mom who wants to go on with her life after the birth and after placing the baby for adoption. Closed adoption offers you that ability, this is because once you place your baby for adoption, your child will not be able to locate you ever again.
  • Fear Is Reduced: With a closed adoption, the birth mother will not need to keep explaining to her family and friends about her decisions of placing the baby for adoption. Most time the adoption begins and ends in the hospital, nobody knows anything about the birth mother and the baby, talkless of placing the baby for adoption.
  • It Is Totally About The Birth Mothers Decision: The good thing about closed adoption is that it is solely dependent on the decision of the birth mother. Whatever she prefers is what she brings in in this type of adoption.

Cons Of Closed Adoption For The Birth Family

  • The Birth Mother May not see her baby again forever: Since there was no need to have the adoptive parents’ contacts, the child will not have any clue about who the real parents are. That can cause big stress to the birth family in the long run. Although technology has made everything possible these days. But the birth mother or family lives with the agony of not seeing the child forever.
  • It Is No More Widely Accepted: One of the great disadvantages of closed adoption is that people want it again. Everyone now goes for open adoption. That means you may not find either a birth family or adoptive parents who are interested in the closed type of adoption.

Pros And Cons Of Closed Adoption For The Adoptive Family.

The Pros.

  • Closed Adoption Means Freedom To The Adoptive Parents: Yes, in a closed adoption, the adoptive parent is free from the intrusions of the birth family. The reason is that there is no way for the birth parents to locate the adoptive family to instruct them how to take care of the child. In an open adoption, both the birth and the adoptive family share some level of contact, which makes it easy for the two families to become friends even after the adoption. There is no room for that in a closed adoption.
  • The Adoptive Parents Boundaries Is Intact: Since there is no room for intrusion from the birth family, the adoptive family’s boundaries remain intact forever.

What are the pros and cons of a closed adoption?


  • Emotional Stress: The adoptive parents or family will greatly be challenged with the fear of not being sure whether the mother of the child will change their mind or not. In an open adoption, everybody is on the same page and there is no fear whether the birth family will change their mind or not. That is the reason many people choose open adoption vs closed adoption.

It’s Not Widely Accepted Now: People prefer open adoption to close adoption these days. Therefore it is likely that you will find it pretty hard to see a birth mom or family that isis willing to accept to give you her child. Meanwhile, if you locate qualified adoption agencies, you are sure to find someone, but, it may take you a long time.

Limited Or No Medical History: This is one of the big cons of closed adoption to adoptive moms. Although the medical histories of the baby are provided before the adoption, the problem now is that the adoptive family can’t have access to the latest history, should anything happen.

You Have Limited Control During The Adoption: Once it is closed adoption, the adoptive parents or family won’t have any control whatsoever because the whole adoption process is in the hands of the adoption agency that is working with you.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Closed Adoption For The Adoptpted Child?

Pros and cons of closed adoption
Little boys aged 8 are making bed together.

Every child experience adoption in different ways, in my list of prons and cost of adoption for the adopted children, you will see the most common cons of closed adoption for every child.

Complete Identify loss: The child will forever struggle with the identity of who the parents are. This is because of the loss of contact with this/her birth family. Teenagers are the ones who feel this most, and this is why people prefer open adoption or semi-open adoption.

Depression: One of the pros and cons of closed adoption There is a tendency that the adopted child will suffer serious depression because of some adoption issue. Let’s assume that his/her friends I. School started making jest of him or her.

In conclusion:

My last piece of advice to you is to learn everything you should about adoption before you begin the journey. For instance, if you choose a closed adoption, then learn everything about it, both the pros and cons of closed adoption, and be sure you understand it to avoid regrets in future.

Secondly, if you choose semi open adoption, then it is imperative to first learn the pros and cons of semi open adoption and any other important facts about it. In general, keep yourself abreast about what open vs closed adoption pros cons are and you are ready to achieve your adoption goal.

See you at the top. I am still your in-house adoption counselor.


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