How to adopt a baby, how much does it cost to adopt a baby?

How Long Does It Take To Adopt An Infant?

How long does it take to adopt an infant? Infant adoption

One of the questions I see often in my email and from readers is “How Long Does It Take To Adopt An Infant? in this post, I will answer your questions.

Adopting an infant can take you from 6 to 18 months if you do everything right, but there are so many factors that will determine if you will finally take your adopted child home before the said time which I will show you in a minute.

There is nothing as time-consuming and stressful as adopting an infant, and seriously, it can take you a few months or several years.

However, you have to put these factors into consideration before you take your first step toward adopting the child.

– The Type of Child You Want to Adopt:-

Question is, How long does it take to adopt an infant?

One of the factors you should put into consideration during an adoption is that the type of child you need affects the time to complete your adoption. The truth is that you will wait longer when you choose to adopt an infant than an adult.

Many adults also wait for many years and still will not be adopted. Also, you will not wait long to adopt a minority child.

The Race Of The Child:-  It will be easier to adopt a child from your race than transracial adoption. The reason may be due to cultural differences, or national policies.

Note also that children from Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe are not so much in demand so you may not wait long if you want to adopt from these areas.

Adopting an older child from a Foster care home won’t take you much time too than an infant.

Finance:- Another thing that can determine your wait time when adopting an infant is your financial capacity. If you have money saved or set apart for the adoption, you won’t have hitches in your adoption process.

However, if you know where to borrow money or probably access adoption grants for your adoption, then you are good to go.

You Want A Specific Gender:- How long does it take to adopt an infant? Hoping to adopt an infant of a specific gender is one other reason you will have to wait longer to adopt a child.

According to an investigation conducted many years ago, most of the children born are mainly male, therefore if you desire to adopt a female, that will make your adoption opportunities thin.

There is also a tendency you will have to wait many years before your dreams come true.

Getting The Birth Families Health History:- You will need the family health history during adoption to be sure of the child’s health before adoption.

For example, when you consider what the National Alliance on Mental Illness said about how more Americans will experience mental health challenges, then you have to insist on getting a clean physical and mental health bill before adoption.

Getting that type of clean bill won’t be that easy and it may be one of the reasons you are asking “How Long Does It Take To Adopt An Infant?”

How to adopt a baby, how much does it cost to adopt a baby?

The Level Of The Openness Of The Adoption:- Like I earlier said, the type of adoption you choose will also determine how long it takes to adopt a child.

When you consider the 3 types of adoptions we have, including-

  • Close adoption (confidential adoption):- This is the type of adoption where you adopt an infant and the contact details as well as records of the birth families are kept hidden from you.
  • Semi-Open Adoption:- An adoption is a semi-open when you and the birth parents have contact during pregnancy, during, and after adoption and the adoptive parents send picture updates, and calls about the child as the child grows.
  • Open Adoption:– There is a great level of contact that exists between the birth family and the adoptive family in this type of adoption. The birth mom can visit the adoptive family after the adoption to know how the child is fairing.

Having these types of adoption in mind, you understand that when you choose a closed or semi-open adoption, you will likely wait a long time, because many birth families prefer an open adoption.

Your adoption can also be delayed by the adoption agency, professionals, or the law of the place you are adopting from. Make sure you choose the best agency or adoption professional.

Ask questions about the adoption laws of the state you are adopting a child from before you start.

What You Can Do To Adopt An Infant Faster:-

Adoption, how to adopt a baby

I have answered your question “how long does it take to adopt an infant?” and I have also explained to you most of the factors that make adopting an infant take a longer time. I have good news for you.

The good news is that you can as well break all protocols and adopt that child faster than I have explained to you if you follow the steps below.

1) Get Your Finances Right Before The Adoption:-

To cut down on how long it takes to adopt an infant, you have the money for adoption ready before you start your process.

If not you could get stocked financially when you need to pay for anything you’ll need to facilitate your adoption. Make sure you know where your money is coming from.

Also, make sure that the money is 1 to 3 days in your before you apply to the agency. Check out my post on how to fund your adoption.

2) Use The Best Adoption:- Consultant:-

How long does it take to adopt an infant? Another answer to this question lies in the consultant you want to use or you have used before.

The adoption experts you use for your adoption will determine the length of time your adoption journey will last. There are adoption consultants who have been in the game for a long time now, and they know the nitty-gritty of adoption.

If you use a beginner, you are sure to waste so much time, as he is doing trial and error with your adoption process.

An established adoption consultant will not only make things easier for you but will also educate you on the best adoption practices that will work perfectly.

They will also help you to create top-notch adoption profiles that birth mothers can’t reject and coach you to overcome mistakes.

3) Tell Your Family And Friends About Your Plans On Time:-

This may sound absurd because not everyone wants people to know about their activities.

But, you will be surprised at what results you will get when you let your pastor, church members, and family know about your adoption plans.

At least you can get a good reference from them. Most of those who have adopted before can show you the adoption agency that helped them.

You will never make mistakes by telling them and it is also important to have that support around you at this moment.

4) Do Something Everyday:-

Another way to make your infant adoption faster is to do something daily that will take you closer to adopting your dream child.

There is so much paperwork to do, including consultations. Don’t waste time to chose the agency to work with and make sure you keep everything you will need on hand.

The trick is to make sure you do everything when needed and not waste time.

5) Put Together A Killer Adoption Profile:-

How long does it take to adopt an infant? One of the things that increase the chances of adoptive parents being selected by the birth family is the adoption profile.

To increase your chances, you have to create a killer profile that can not be resisted. Start creating it on time and make sure it stands out from others. That’s your weapon.

6) Choose The Best And Most Reputable Adoption Agencies:-

Don’t be in a rush when you are looking for agencies to work with. Let your criteria be about how many successful placements they have done recently.

That shows they know what they are doing and that you will also succeed with them too.

If they have been in the business for many years, then you can trust them. Make sure they can place in your state too.

7) Be Positive And Resilient Too:-

Being positive will make everything easy and possible for you. There are so many things that will want to frustrate all your efforts.

Don’t give them room to succeed. Be resilient and keep doing all you need to do to make your adoption dreams come true.

The greatest of them all is that you should always believe that everything is working together for your good, including disappointment and failure.

In Conclusion:-

I hope I have been able to answer your question “how long does it take to adopt an infant?” I told you that it takes 6 – 18 months.

I also shared so many things that can make adopting an infant longer and what you can do to make your wait time shorter.

Read the post well, so you don’t miss any important points.

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