7 Top Confusing Adoption Questions Answered For You Now

Top adoption questions and answers,

Whether you have adopted a child before or you are about to adopt, you must have some adoption questions you will need urgent answers to.

It may be questions about adoption law, adoption home study, international adoption, domestic adoption, infant adoption, or interracial adoption.

No matter how many adoption questions you have, the good news is that I am here to answer them.

Let’s dive in.

7 Top Confusing Adoption Questions Answered For You Now.


Question One: What Is The Hardest Part Of Adoption? The Wait Time:-

In this part of my post, I want to answer one of your adoption questions “What is the hardest part of the adoption process?” The answer to that is the wait time.

The truth is that from the moment the birth mother decides to place her baby for adoption and the time the baby is adopted, there is a serious emotional rollercoaster that happens in between.

The wait time for adoption is the period of fear of the unknown. This is always so hard to navigate because truly no one can guarantee what result you’ll get in your adoption journey.

All they can tell you is this is the best way to successfully adopt a baby, this is the best adoption agency to use and this is the best type of adoption, but no one can prove to you 100% that you will take your baby home. That’s what makes it hard, isn’t it?

Waiting time: that is what keeps people out of adoption because even though you know that adoption professionals are there to help you and that you can still go home with your child, you will still go home and wonder if things can still work out well.

Keep moving:

Starting adoption and figuring out the uncertainties are where the fear is, but when you are brave enough to start the process and complete your home study and other things that come with adoption, you have almost completed it.

Also, remember that you are working with the professionals like the adoption social worker, attorney, and others, so relax your mind and let whatever will happen to happen. But, if adoption is what you want, then you will succeed.

Top 7 Adoption Questions Number Two: What Stops People From Adopting?

That’s a big question and the truth is that so many people who know the importance of adoption and who intend to adopt see themselves drawing back from adoption.

Though different people have different things that stop them from adopting a child, the reasons below are common to all of them.

Financial Problem:- Number one on my list of what stops people from adopting a baby is finance. Adopting a child can be costly and it also varies depending on certain things like-

  • The age of the baby.
  • The country.
  • The circumstances the child was placed in adoption.

For example, it cost more to adopt an infant than to adopt a grown-up from foster care homes. Many of the high costs come from agency fees, legal fees, medical expenses, home visits, and travel fees.

Many people who didn’t research well about adoption before taking the step feel bad when they find that out in the middle of the adoption process.

Legal Challenges:- This is another big challenge for adoptive families.

The truth is that to have a successful adoption, it is important to be aware of the legalities of your state if you are adopting domestically and that of the country you are a footing if you chose International adoption.

Cultural Challenges:- If you are adopting a child with a different culture from yours, you are bound to have cultural issues during adoption. This can affect the entire family if care is not taken.

Emotional Challenge:- You, the child and the birth mother will also encounter emotional challenges as go through the adoption.

First, the child may find it hard to adjust to the new family and environment, you may find out that you are not ready to take care of the child you adopted, and the birth mom may not be happy with the decision she made.

Intercountry Challenge:- Intercountry adoption comes with many challenges, first challenge is the law of the country, then the cost of acquiring a visa, and your country may likely be banned from some countries.

Top Adoption Questions Number Three: Why Does Some Adoption Fail?

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Before we look at the reasons some adoption fail, we have to know what a failed adoption is, or what a failed adoption stands for.

A failed adoption is an adoption that didn’t go through for one reason or the other. This is one of the hardest things adoptive parents can go through during adoption and it is also one thing they fear in adoption.

There are many reasons why adoption fails, but one of the chief reasons is when the birth family decides to parent the child by themselves.

This can happen at any time during the adoption, but the birth parents are always careful to stop the adoption when they are sure that adoption laws won’t hold them.

Here are other reasons adoption can fail.

When Adoption Is Disrupted:- 

This failed adoption is usually common with older children that we’re adopted from foster care homes.

This happens when adoptive families discover that they are not ready to take care of the special needs child they are planning to adopt.

The prospective adoptive parent may suddenly make a U-turn when they find out that the child with great emotional, physical and mental health issues will be harder for them to take care of.

Adoptive parents can disrupt the adoption after a child has been placed and living in a home, but they are careful to do that before the adoption is finalized in the eyes of the law.

The child will be placed with another adoptive parent or returned to foster care if the adoption is disrupted.

When It Is Dissolved:-

This is a not common type of adoption failure and can only occur in rear cases and especially where the adoptive parents fail to take proper care of the child.

It happens when the adoption has already been fully finalized legally. The adoptive parents may decide that the special need child they wish to adopt may be costly for them to take care of and probably they are not financially balanced to do that.

Contested Adoption:-

This is another great reason adoption can fail, and can happen when the two biological parents do not agree on giving the child up for adoption.

In most cases, it is the birth mom who first plans to give the child up without the biological father’s consent. The birth fathers usually refuse the birth mothers’ plan or rescind their parental rights when they find that out.

Ask your attorney what to do next when you are faced with this type of adoption failure.

Top Adoption Questions Number Four: How Long Does Adoption Process Take?

It can take you months or years to adopt a child, depending on many factors that I will share with you in this section of top adoption questions.

Some of these factors are related to the type of child you want to adopt, the age, and the race of the child.

Let me explain it to you.

It will take you a long time and a high cost to adopt an infant than adopting a grown-up child. Many grown-up children never even get adopted at all. You will have a shorter wait time if you are adopting a minority child.

Again, the type of adoption you choose also determines the wait time. For example, if you are adopting locally it will not take much time than when it is international adoption.

The reason is that international adoption, and interracial adoption requires so many protocols to complete unlike when you are adopting from your state.

The requirements, combinations, stipulations, and rules that exist in international adoption are what make the wait time for International adoption longer.

Top Adoption Questions Number Five: How Do I Adopt A Child Living In Another State?

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The process of adopting a baby from another state always adds some different layers of requirements and paperwork and that’s what makes it different.

Every other thing about adopting a child from either your state or other states is the same, for example, the same home study, the same birth parents willing to place their children for adoption, and adoptive parents that are willing to adopt.

The few requirements required in interstate adoption are the fact that the placement is required to comply with the ICPC outline.

Interstate Compact On Placement Of Children is only a contract in which the 50, US Virgin Islands and Washington, D.C. Agreed to ensure safety and stability when placing a child across state lines

The ICPC requires that both the adoptive families and birth families must comply with their state’s laws as well as the child’s state laws.

To do this,  both states must share goods information from the state’s ICPC administrators who is it that also provide the information for compliance with all the state’s laws, and completeness.

Rounding Up:-

Most of the adoption questions I got from my readers have been answered in this article. If you have asked adoption questions before, then you may find answers to your questions here.

Should you have other bothering questions concerning adoption, then use the comment box to get the questions to me, you will get the answers within 24 hours.







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