Can a single mum adopt a child? Learn the truth.

The question is can a single mum adopt a child? If you ask that question too, the answer is yes; A single mum can adopt a child. However, there are few steps to take to have a smooth adoption journey.

If you are a single mum and you are planning to adopt a child, follow me closely to learn how to adopt your dream child.

Things You Should Know About Adoption:

Adoption is a way to build a family, and it’s for everyone, whether you are married, single, or a single parent.

If you have heard or read things that got you confused about adoption, then pay close attention to this post, as I will show everything need to know about your eligibility to adopt.

Now, It is no more about your plans to adopt, I want your every focus to be on the child you want to adopt.

let all your efforts be on how to be, and give the best for your adopted child and your family at large. The rest of your journey will be taken care of by the Lord.

What To Consider As You Plan To Adopt A Child.

Before you set it to adopt that child as a single mum, there are many things you need to consider to have a smooth process. To make things easier for you, in this section, I will be sharing them here.

I implore you to examine them carefully and then consult an adoption counselor if you still have unanswered questions.

If you are ready then let’s dive in.

1) Decide Which Agency To Use.

This is the first step to take as an adoptive parent. You should be able to consider and choose which adoption professional to work with. The truth is that you can’t go through the adoption process without an adoption lawyer counselor. Therefore you must look for one.

According to Becky Fawcett, your first step should be to find the best adoption experts for your adoption. She suggested asking people around you for recommendations.

There are people around you who either have gone through the process before or know someone who had gone through it. Ask them for a good agency, you may be surprised at what recommendation you’ll get.

You can as well search the internet for a good adoption agency, search here for faster results. There so many of them only so search the net effectively.

It is so important that you take your time to search, call so many of them before selecting the best. Make sure you choose a licensed agency.

2) Which Part Of Adoption To Choose.

Are you aware of the types of adoption? If not check out the types of adoption so you know which part to choose from.

  • Foster Care Adoption: Foster care adoption is the type of adoption where an adoptive parent or foster parents adopt a child whose parents were stripped of their parental right by the court. Some state requires you to be a foster parent before adopting, some don’t. Verify from your state adoption law before applying.
  • Domestic Infant Adoption: This is when you choose to adopt a baby locally. And this is also where you will need the services of either the adoption agency or adoption lawyer to help you through your adoption journey.
  • International Infant Adopt: When you choose to adopt a child from another country, it is called international adoption. You can adopt these children from an orphanage.

3) Prepare For Home Study:

Now that you know which adoption part to take, it is time to start getting ready for the home study. Adoption home study is a must for everyone who wants to adopt.

Adoption home study is the only process in adoption that clears the way for you to adopt. This is the time when an investigation about you must be done. After that, the reports of all the findings will be compiled.

It is the result that decides your eligibility. Home study is always of two parts – firstly the caseworker will assess your readiness to adopt and take care of the baby.

The second part is when you will be educated by the caseworker on all you need to know about adoption. You will also be provided with details about resources as well as the grants that are available.

Depending on the state you choose to adopt from, home study lasts from 3 to 6 months. You’ll also expect the caseworker to visit your home many times for checks.

For more information about the home study and what to expect, check this out.

4) Consider Your Finances:

Another important thing you must consider when you want to adopt as a single mum is your finances. This is also very important as it proves your capacity for taking care of your adopted child.

The truth is that if you don’t have a steady income. You have to prove to the adoption agency that you can take good care of the child you are adopting. Try to find out about all the adoption fees, and keep a substantial amount ready.

To be on the safe side, try to make good money for yourself before going for adoption. Ask your employer for a raise in salary if possible.

5) Wait For The Call:

When everything you need for adoption is all place, the next thing for you is to wait for the call. And soon the phone rings and you have finally been chosen by the birth mother says the adoption agency

You will soon be matched with the foster child that matches your dream. You may also get a referral from the country about your match of the baby. The referral will be sent with the information of the baby and the pictures.

Just take your time to check the documents pretty well. Contact a medical professional that knows about adoption to evaluate the kid’s files for you. Some adoption clinics specialize in reviewing adoption processes; get in touch with them if possible.

Here is my last piece of advice. Make sure you don’t take chance, especially when there is any red flag from the birth mother or the child. Otherwise, you will be regret taking the steps at all.

6) Support Systems:

Every parent needs support, and as a single mum who wants to adopt, you’ll need a good support system. First, you will need support to adapt, and you will need more support to take care of your adopted child.

Your family and friends should be your first point of call. Ask any of your relatives for support and provide you with some relief. Sometimes, you will need help to take care of your child’s health, bring your child from school or take care of them while you are not around.

A good support system is indispensable when it comes to adoption and taking care of your baby. So before going to adopt, start thinking of possible support now.

7) Think Of The Change That Will Come After Adoption:

Have considered what is impact adopting a baby will bring into your relationships and your environment at large? It will bring many changes, therefore, remember to inform your family and friends about your plans.

Doing so can bring more support to you. “A closed mouth is a closed destiny.”

8) Waiting For Your Child:

The waiting time is another part of the adoption journey. This is the time when you are anticipating being a mother and yet you are not very sure when it will begin.

I advise you to use this time to get to your home, your family and also prepare your mind for the coming of the baby. So start preparing – get a room ready for the baby. Have a baby shower if possible, do other things that will make your latest baby comfortable.

No matter the age of the baby you want to adopt, it calls for celebration. After all, a new thing has happened in your family.

9) Meeting Your Adoptive Child:

The waiting time is over. Then the call came in “it is time to meet your adoptive baby. You may have waited for months, weeks, and years. Meanwhile, no matter the length of time, this is the most interesting time.

As a single mum, it is important at this point to think of what kind of support you might require when you finally meet your child. Ask yourself if you will be traveling to another country, state, or region to meet your child.

If it is International, then you should be ready for some other paper works, money exchange, and translations. Prepare for it. For domestic adoption, you may wish to travel with someone as a support.

The most interesting thing is that you are meeting your child for the first time. Be ready to take pictures and also put this down in a diary for remembrance. This is an unforgettable experience.


Adopting a baby is a beautiful thing and it is also a great way you can connect yourself with great children.

Adoption takes time to complete and even longer when you are adopting as a single mum. Meanwhile, it is worth the wait, because the coming of a new baby will add more flavors and joy to your family.


Which of the steps do you think will take you time and why?

See you at the top.

I am your in-house adoption adviser.

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